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Hello everyone,

I am sorry to have been away for a while. I have been occupied with work lately but am glad to be back. I posted a picture of this Mickey Mouse outfit on my Instagram page over a week ago, “but I am now unoccupied to blog about it. I wanted something different from the Norm, so I decided to adorn my denim with a Mickey face cropped out of an old shirt with the Mickey Mouse patched on it. I stitched the patch on my denim and added little studs to give it some type of definition. I worked around it and it turned out perfect! Did I tell you all I enjoy DIY’s? I love being creative! But Yes! I did work around it and trust me it came out perfect.

Try playing with your clothes in your closet; don’t be scared to do the unthinkable. Who would have imagined that I applied the patch to the denim myself, wasn’t going to spend an arm and leg for a patched crystal denim jeans.


Be blessed

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Chi final22
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